Current Projects

NSI e.V. is currently focussing on projects in Tanzania.

The locally manufactured Wind Turbine

One special project at the Mafinga Lutheran Vocational Trainingcenter (MLVTC) is the project of locally manufactured small wind turbines.

After supporting the search and testing off suitable turbine designs NSI later gave a revolving fund to the school to import magnets for constructing those wind turbines.

Now windmills are manufactured at the school and sold to customers.

But unfortunately still in a very little number, since this offer is only known by a few people and the complete systems of the turbine with tower, batteries and so one are quite expensive.


To improve the awareness of people about this offer NSI now gave an contribution for a windmill system which was built in town, next to the Show room of the Training Center. The windmill is used at the Showroom to power an Televesion system independently from the grid.

So it proves it's reliabilty in daily use and attracts visitors.


The Mafinga Lutheran Vocational Training Center (MLVTC)

At the Mafinga Lutheran Vocational Trainingcenter (MLVTC) NSI supports the Department for Renewable Energies by offering the Arved von Breitenstein scholarship to promising students.


At the same time NSI finances the development of the first VETA approved curriculum for a vocational training on renewable energies (RE). With this measure we expect to manifest a high quality of RE education and attract many more students.

Create Awareness for Renewable Energies

NSI aims to create awareness for renewable energies (RE) in Tanzania. Therefore, we support so called village presentations in the region of Mafinga. A team of German volunteers and Tanzanian RE students go out into the villages in order to present e.g. solar panels and windmills and teach the opportunities of renewable energies in rural regions.

The REN project

This project is not any longer funded by NSI, since the idea was just to introduce a strong relationship between Vocational Training Centers with their alumni and the RE-companies which are searching for skilled people. Together with TAREA and DTP we supported alumni from the RE department of the MLVTC with a fully financed one year internship in a company or institution in the field of RE in Tanzania.


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