Arved von Breitenstein

Founders of NSI e.V. in 2000 (Arved von Breitenstein in the middle)
Founders of NSI e.V. in 2000 (Arved von Breitenstein in the middle)

Arved von Breitenstein, physicist and one of the founders of NSI e.V. in the year of 2000, was very dedicated to set up a scholarship fund in order to manifest the capability of renewable energy harnessing in Tanzania.

Unfortunately, Arved von Breitenstein had passed away much too early in the year of 2003. NSI and the Arved von Breitenstein fund continue to exist and keep up his very personal maxime of working towards a more sustainable world.


A Member of the Board did a trip to Tanzania again, also for talks about the Teacher program. We are looking forward to the Report. Meet him at the general assembly 21st October 2017 in Neuendettelsau

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